It’s only a matter of seconds that a book will create its very first impression in the minds of the readers. So, whether you are an author, who requires the best cover designs for your book or an organization that needs creative designs for its marketing collaterals, Finoptiz is the right place to look for assistance. We are a well-reputed organization that has been offering a proven work record of professional cover design services without fail.

At Finoptiz, we are known for our unmatched skills in offering awe-inspiring, smart, and ingenious designs. We can create custom cover designs for books, eBooks, journals, CDs, DVDs, wrappers, business papers, brochures, catalogs, magazines, book jackets, kindle books, etc. Apart from that, we are also proficient in creating designs for a variety of book types such as textbooks, novels, or storybooks.

Designers working with us are proficient and qualified in making the best use of a wide variety of graphic design software programs and their creativity to develop exceptional designs for meeting the desired needs of the client. By associating with us, you can get your ideas transformed into stunning graphics as per your exact needs. Over the years, we have worked with a lot of customers from diversified niches, where a few to mention are newspapers, corporates, publishing houses, authors, educational institutions, magazine syndicates, and music corporations.

Here, at Finoptiz, we make use of high-quality and lively images to design custom covers that definitely complement the content of your documents. We have a team of experienced cover designers who are well-aware of employing specialized software like Adobe Illustrator to create hand-drawn superior quality illustrations. Finally, you get the best quality graphics capable of bringing your ideas to life in such a way that the overall appearance is aesthetically pleasing as well as expressively engaging.

We offer our customers a wide variety of creative design services for both digital and print media. As our creative design experts have been in the industry for a long time, we know the nuances and finest of details that could be appropriate for each project. Thus, we assure you that you will only get the best stuff from us.

Various Cover Designing Techniques we Use

  • Digital presentation

    We focus on the color sampling, composition, and the specification of raster and vector graphics while designing deliverables in digital format. It provides a classy finish to the design.

  • Series integrity

    Our expert prioritizes brand continuity as one of the factors during the designing process. A consistency between branding considerations and covers enhances the quality of the overall presentation of the book-cover.

  • Typography

    Typography plays a key role in determining the looks of the front page. We incorporate the right font on the page to enhance its aesthetic appeal and make it eye-catching. Our designers come up with a powerful and creative book cover design format with the right design elements in the right place.

  • Colour management

    Seamless color management in an eBook’s front page optimizes the appeal of your presentation, whereas diplomatic color management on the front page ensures that you can reach your strategic goals. Our graphic design professionals carry out both on the cover designs with adroitness. So, reach out to us for any type of front page design services.

The techniques mentioned above are used appropriately according to the project requirements of the client. However, the only thing that the clients need to do is select the cover style, finish, binding type, print type, trim size, etc. along with their design preferences. Besides, we are also efficient in providing other creative crafting solutions, including book illustrations, book layout creations, front and back cover designing, and various types of graphic design services.

Why Finoptiz Infotech is considered among the best cover design service provider?

We create awe-inspiring designs that will surely impress your audience and can help you to easily connect with them. This ensures great reviews and consequently results in huge sales for your company. Our experts also ensure that the whole project is completed within the shortest turnaround time. Delivering projects well in advance to the agreed deadline has been a habit for us.

Shake hands with us and enjoy seamless benefits.

  • We offer multiple variations of graphics, thereby offering you a wider range of options to select from.
  • Our company dedicates an expert 3D artist exclusively for you to assure maximum personalized support.
  • Our e-book cover creative rates are optimized according to the platforms of your preference and type of project.
  • Graphics for book jackets are formatted as per the specific requirements of the printer and client’s needs.
  • Source files will be forwarded through secure channels, which can be customized for advertisement activities.
  • Our all-inclusive services also include page layout formatting, punctuation correction, color consistency, etc.
  • We carry out multiple cover revisions for our clients if they are not satisfied with the outputs for some reason.

An attractive front page not only captures the attention of buyers but also positively influences their purchasing decision. Our graphic design professionals can easily understand your unique requirements and proceed with the designing process accordingly. We genuinely want our cover design services to live up to your expectations by exactly offering the type of service you want. Client satisfaction is our top priority, which why we always make sure that they are 100% satisfied with our designs without any exception. However, if you are still dissatisfied with the outputs, then we can refund your money without delay. Apart from that, we never compromise on the quality of outputs no matter what, and ensure that you get professional quality cover designs at the most cost-competitive price in the industry.