Let’s make some noise and turn companies into a brand

Finoptiz Infotech is a renowned and globally acclaimed digital marketing service provider based out of India. We offer digital marketing services that are unique and efficient for small to large companies. In addition to the traditional SEO, PPC, SMO, SMM, and Growth Hacking, we majorly focus on online reputation, local search engines, ethical SEO, review acquisition, lead generation, public relations, and base level activities that strengthen your overall business presence online. Our team of digital marketing services comes with more than a decade of experience and certified by search engines to offer you a suitable solution as per business requirements. 


Finoptiz Infotech is known for a customized and tailored solution for each customer. Regardless of your business and project size, we follow the same quality standard and process. Our team will assist you with a detailed strategy to reach your targeted audience and region by choosing the appropriate platform and services. This makes our digital marketing campaign strategy successful and clients receive desired results for their business. Our winning mantra is simple – Innovation and Quality.

Connecting with your target audience

Just like the same trousers cannot fit all sizes, the same set of services and techniques do not fit all companies. In order to get the desired results, it is important to choose the right set of teams, techniques, tools, and services. And our team of digital marketing has expertise in offering customized and tailor-made solutions to companies. We offer a wide range of digital marketing services that are effective and essential for small to large companies for their long-term business growth.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

SEO needs no detailing and you can find millions of service providers in a snap! But the importance is of the experience and exposure as well as result in this segment. With several awards and accolades for SEO services, Finoptiz Infotech has gained its position in the market based on the delivered results using ethical strategies and complete hard-work. Our SEO team is one of our major strength which we are proud of.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Services

Advertisement is a costly affair and it requires not only skills but also the intelligence to utilize the budget in a smart way. From Google Ads to Facebook and Linkedin to Programmatic Display Ads, our team of PPC has the expertise and experience in designing a campaign that best suits your business and budget. Our process of PPC involves tightly theme campaigns, landing pages, smart reporting and analytics that offers maximum ROI. 

Content Marketing Services

It is a myth that anyone and everyone can write a website content that would attract readers. It is an art and every content is crafted based on the business segment. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced content developers who craft compelling, valuable and informative content that comes without any fluff. We believe in writing that attracts readers, audience consume and business generates. Content marketing is not only important but essential for every website for the entire online presence.

Inbound Marketing Services

The most important and difficult part of any marketing activity is generating quality leads. And every business that needs today is quality leads. Finoptiz Infotech offers customized lead generation campaign and inbound marketing service that enables companies to get quality leads delivered to their inbox. Right from landing page creation to demand generation and PPC to lead nurturing, our team will follow all the processes on your behalf to generate the leads. 

Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Networks has grown into one of the most powerful marketing platforms that cannot be avoided if you want to gain popularity online. Finoptiz Infotech analyzes your online profiles, reputation and ensures that we transform the customer engagement, reviews, feedbacks and testimonials by which your brand gets more credibility. Our team will assist you in increasing website traffic through social media marketing including Facebook Ad, Linked Ad, Google Ad campaigns, etc.

Local Search Marketing Services

It is important for all companies, including the SEO service providers, to stay abreast of all the latest updates and changes in the Google algorithms. And as per the new search trends, the search engine giant follows local search based on the user IP. This leads businesses to stay active and visible in the local market also ensuring that you do not lose business to local competitors. Local search marketing requires a different set of techniques that traditional SEO approach. Improve your local online presence by choosing our experienced team. 

Online Reputation Management

Unlike other companies that just monitor and report the negative reviews that your company has received, Finoptiz Infotech’s proven methodologies enables companies to actually change the customer perception. Apart from monitoring our team will analyze and build customer relationship enabling to again trust your brand based on enhanced services. Our customized online reputation management services have enabled several national and international companies to win back several customers.