Finoptiz is a leader in providing professional infographic design services and offers a list of specialized services to its clients.

Static Infographics These basic infographics have been a favorite of Finoptiz’s designers since our infographic design company’s inception. These quality infographics guarantee maximum shares across all social media channels and assist in driving sales and website traffic.

Short Infographics This infographic design service is the epitome of “good things come in small packages.” Finoptiz’s designers create short or mini infographics that awesomely combat information overload. This micro-content is easily adapted for social media, making it a great channel for reaching your target audience with ease.

Interactive Infographics These creative infographic designs layer your information; when a user clicks on one graphic, it opens a new layer, and click on that graphic opens a new sub-layer, and so on. This information-within-information design doesn’t overwhelm users but rather acts as a “cliffhanger” that arouses curiosity and drives users to spend more time on your site, learning about your brand and message.

3D Infographics Finoptiz’s 3D data visualization infographics add depth and interest to your information and topics by accentuating every shape, shadow, silhouette, and curve.


  • User-friendly visuals Finoptiz's infographic designers ensure that your users will take in and understand complex ideas with infographics that show facts as fun visual arrangements.
  • Commitment to quality Finoptiz's talented designers are extremely dedicated to each infographic design project they take on; they remain focused and passionate throughout the design process and offer excellent communication and support with clients every step of the way.
  • Research to bring new design ideas Finoptiz's designers to carry out meticulous research on your topic and ideas to make sure it’s aligned to your brand before developing and presenting the important information visually and in a way that makes it simple to understand.
  • Designs for results Finoptiz's designers create custom infographic designs that are share-worthy and guaranteed to speak to and attract your target users.
  • Use of latest software uses the best and latest graphic design software including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, and Freehand to create your custom infographics.
  • Adherence to timelines Finoptiz's designers respect deadlines and understand the repercussions of failing to submit projects on time which is why they maintain healthy turnaround times to avoid delays.
  • Best in the industry price: Finoptiz's custom infographic design team is among the best in the industry and prides itself on creating the highest quality infographics for cost-effective prices.


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