We are among the highly-rated graphic designing companies in India, providing creatively- driven magazine design services to our clients. We guide them in understanding all aspects of document creation for a range of applications.

Magazine page layout design
Our experienced and proficient graphic designers capitalize on the most sophisticated software applications to create bespoke magazine layouts. We provide tailor-made magazine formatting solutions that are meant to perfectly address our clients’ specific requirements.

Our key elements magazine design services include

Key considerations when we craft Magazine layout designs include


A crucial consideration in magazine articles layout design, the headline should be bigger than the rest of the text and should be powerful, meaningful, and impactful enough to encourage readers to read further.


Sub-headlines promote a better reading experience by dividing the text into sections. The size of the font in sub-headlines may be the same as the size of the font of the body-text and can be highlighted in bold.


We provide apt custom illustrations that match the color and content of the magazine's inner and front page design. Our illustrators are immensely talented and can create elaborate artwork that is relevent to the theme of the content.


We provide magazine layout design services that are suitable for content-based concept. We make sure to use appropriate texts that would not only match the graphics, but also the overall theme of the content.


We can artistically set up the page layout either symmetrically or asymmetrically so that it syncs with the overall appearance of the magazine. We have a strong sense of aesthetics as well as current design trends.


We thoroughly review the white space allocation and create appropriate white spaces while filling the available space with relevent and aesthetically appealing graphical or textual content, wherever required.


We provide custom fonts or use fonts as per your front page and inner page layout design while making sure to match the style and size so that too much of deviations from the rest of the page layout can be avoided.


We can enhance your existing photos to add visual appeal to the pages. Our photo retouch services are designed to cater to our clients' specific needs. We use advanced photo editing software such as Photoshop, Lightroom etc.


Folio refers to the way how sheets of paper are organized and it should be designed in such a manner that readers do not feel unpleasant while looking into it at each page and this holds true if there are full bleed images in a magazine

The demand for creative magazine layout designing service is on a continuous rise because of its applications in different niches. Some of the best magazine layout design formats are enumerated below. However, the one that is ideal for you depends on your actual need and the type of your business.

  • Mondrian
  • Circus
  • Picture Window
  • Multi-panel
  • Copy heavy
  • Frame
  • Big type
  • Alphabet inspired

Our creative magazine layouts are utilized in different areas such as

  • Technical manuals
  • Newsletters
  • Brochures and Catalogs
  • Newspapers
  • Textbooks
  • Paperback books
  • Annual reports etc.

Why choose magazine layout design services from Finoptiz Infotech?

The best magazine designing service is delivered by professionals with specific skill sets. The process normally includes the incorporation of three main magazine elements namely images, content, and advertisements within the pages. Our professional designers are artistically knowledgeable to understand your magazine designing requirements. Some of the exclusive upsides of outsourcing to us are

  • Trained team of designers

    We have the best magazine designers with us who are regularly trained in every aspect of magazine design and are exceptionally talented to craft unique and impressive layouts. We also specialize in providing unique magazine cover design services which will help you create the first positive impact in the minds of your customers.

  • Proper and in-depth understanding of client requirements

    We can provide magazine layout designs as per the format of your choice and incorporate entire details as demanded by you in the most pleasant and organized manner.

  • Use of advanced software

    Digital designing of magazine layouts would call for efficient utilization of advanced software. We know this fact very well and make use of feature-rich and sophisticated graphic design software programs.

    magazine design softwares
  • Deployment of secure methodologies

    We make use of highly secure FTP services to download and upload files in order to ensure the privacy of your data. We are assisted by data security experts who can bail us out of any possible security issues that we may encounter. We maintain backup of all files to ensure smooth data retrieval.

  • Quality is maintained and guidelines are adhered by

    Our designers closely follow the guidelines shared by our customers and they are well-focused professionals who ensure to maintain quality at every phase of the designing process. We never compromise when it comes to quality assurance.

  • Faster turnaround time

    Our turnaround time is minimal and we are too particular about meeting deadlines. We also offer free, no-obligation trials based on which you can get an idea about the level of quality and professionalism we exhibit.

  • Affordable magazine design price structure

    We understand the requirements of clients and offer print-ready magazines at cost-effective pricing.

With our expert team of designers, you will get awe-inspiring end-to-end magazine design support for creating cover designs, page layout formattingphoto editing, etc., which would help you to keep your readers engaged and impressed. Till now, we have successfully completed a vast number of magazine design projects while catering to the needs of various clients across the globe. The magazines that we design belong to the finance, publishing, advertising, architecture, promotional, fashion, interior design, hospitality, and construction industries. We have expertise in designing corporate magazines and magazines meant for the stock market as well. We also ensure that the designs we produce meet the industry standards and are perfectly aligned with our clients’ needs. We also provide complete print media graphics including print design services in accordance with the clients’ requirements or suggestions.

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